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מועדון 2141 תמונת דגל

Welcome to

The 2141 Company
Commanders Club

A professional, values-driven community for frontline company commander veterans, dedicated to pursuing a multi-generational vision.

We believe that strong nations are built with determination and patience

We believe in processes that are planned with vision, depth, and long-term strategy

Tal Rousso
Tal Rousso
Reserve Major General

"Company commanders can use their leadership and organizational skills to make positive contributions to their communities as active and engaged citizens."

Yoel Zilberman
Yoel Zilberman
CEO & Founder of Hashomer HaChadash

"Experienced leaders, like company commanders, understand the importance of instilling strong values and leading by example."

 Shay Babad
Shay Babad
CEO of Blue Square Real Estate LTD, Former Director General of the Ministry of Finance

"Company commanders excel in strategic planning, team building, and crisis management, making them valuable leaders in business."

​Roy Elcabets
​Roy Elcabets
Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv
Reserve Lieutenant Colonel

"Company commanders' values, such as courage and honor, inspire others to follow in their footsteps."

Yehuda Ben Assayag
Yehuda Ben Assayag
CEO of Menora Mivtachim Insurance LTD

"Company commanders bring a unique perspective to business, fostering a culture of discipline, focus, and execution."

Dr. Yoaz Hendel
Dr. Yoaz Hendel
Former Minister of Communications

"Company commanders set a powerful example through their leadership and commitment to excellence."

A welcoming, supportive, and cooperative network that organizes social events, community benefits, networking opportunities, volunteer activities, and improvement programs.

Partners in Our Journey

“With great power comes great responsibility”

We believe each person has a responsibility to themselves, their family, their community, and their people

Erez Eshel

2141 Founder,
Founder and CEO of Ein Prat and the Israeli Academies for Leadership

Erez Eshel

Stas Grinberg

2141 Founder, CEO and Founder Vision and Beyond Group

Stas Grinberg

Peter Ginzunterman

2141 Founder, CEO and Founder Vision and Beyond Group

Peter Ginzunterman

Elior Dor , Adv.

2141 CEO, Corporate Lawyer

Elior Dor , Adv.

2141 Club Founders

Help Us Shape the Future of Israel

You have the power to impact the lives of IDF commanders and help them transition to civilian life. The skills, values, and experience they gained in combat don't have to be lost; they can be harnessed. It’s a group effort, and every contribution helps. Join us in supporting these remarkable individuals

Don't hesitate to reach out -

We believe in the right of the Jewish people to live peacefully in their homeland

Who We Are?

The 2141 Company Commanders Club is dedicated to professional development and initiatives, promoting core morals and values. It supports veteran company commanders as they transition into the private sector and civilian life, enhancing their socio-economic opportunities.

A Strategic Mission

The strategic core of the 2141 Company Commanders Club is its mission to assure, strengthen, and promote the existence and sovereignty of the state of Israel, serving as a national home for the Jewish people.


Israel’s greatest untapped resource is its leaders.

Israel cultivates leadership skills at a young age through military training, but these leaders often enter the private sector without clear direction, resulting in a loss of their potential contributions.


Let's build a nation of leaders.

Get To Know Us

We believe that by taking action now, we can support future generations

Help us shape the future of Israel

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Tel: -972-54-6989995

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2141 Company Commanders Club is a public charity recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3).

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